Love and Other Technologies: Retrofitting Eros for the Information Age (Fordham University Press, 2006)

“The ultimate handbook on love for the overeducated.” — McKenzie Wark

“Full of intelligent insights and interesting connections that derive from the cutting edge of cultural theory. Recommended.” — Choice

“Makes its great contributions to exploring the potential spaces of a profound ethical happiness.” — Cosmos and History: The Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy

” . . . has the potential to persuade even the most conservative humanist or stalwart romantic to consider love in a new light.”  — Elizabeth Swanstrom

“. . . an important book, one that elevates our discussions of community and belonging to a rhetorically higher (and far more seductive) level.” — Lars Tønder

“The most original and serious (though often witty) questioning I have seen of the one assumption of modernity that has passed almost without challenge until now, that of individualism. . . . This work analyzes with stunning precision how the new technologies of digitilization are obliging us to reconsider the old technologies we thought we knew or failed to recognize as such.” — Richard Waswo

Professor of Culture & Media at the New School for Social Research and Eugene Lang College.

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