Peak Libido (Polity, 2020)

Peak Libido does more than take the metaphor of Peak Oil to think about the sexual economies of the twenty-first century; bodily erotics are inextricably intertwined with our consumption, extraction, transformation and destruction of what we have belated come to call ‘ecology.’  Dovetailing a nuanced theory of waning desire with cultural analyses of sexual commodities, Pettmann’s account of the states of desire of twenty-first-century life is lucid, readable, entertaining, original and thought-provoking.” 
— Claire Colebrook, author of Sex After Life

Peak Libido is a brilliant and even entertaining book on a very serious topic: the worldwide decline of libido, which closely tracks the destruction of environments worldwide. What has been called the Anthropocene leads, paradoxically, to human extinction. Thus Pettman’s project of imagining an erotic Green New Deal. This is utopian thinking (in the positive sense of the term) at its most audacious.”– Allan Stoekl, author of Bataille’s Peak: Energy, Religion, and Postsustainability

Professor of Culture & Media at the New School for Social Research and Eugene Lang College.

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