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• Introduction to Media Studies
• Introduction to Cultural Studies
• Introduction to Digital Culture
• Postmodernism
• Representation, Culture and Identity
• Cooking, Culture, Cannibalism
• Virtual Reality and Real Virtuality
• Contemporary Literature
• Romanticizing the Apocalypse
• Amour Fou: The Metaphysics of Modern Love
• Love and Other Technologies
• Media Toolkit
• Locating the Human
• Dream Factories: From Holyrood to Hollywood
• Reality TV: Lang’s Next Top Student
• Anti-Social Media: Attention, Distraction, Addiction


• Cultural Theory: Media, Postmodernism, Posthumanism
• History of Communications: From Papyrus to Plasma
• Global Culture
• Humans / Animals / Machines
• Mapping the Human
• New Media Theory
• Eros & Civilization


• Cinema Europe/Media Europe
• Digital Ontologies

Professor of Culture & Media at the New School for Social Research and Eugene Lang College.

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