I am University Professor of Media and New Humanities at The New School, where I teach courses on posthumanism, animal studies, critical theories of technology, environmental humanities, attention ecologies, popular media forms, and philosophies of desire.

Previous to this, I have held positions at the University of Melbourne, the University of Geneva, the University of Amsterdam, and the American University of Paris.

I am the author of:

After the Orgy: Toward a Politics of Exhaustion (SUNY, 2002)

Love and Other Technologies: Retrofitting Eros for the Information Age (Fordham, 2006)

Human Error: Species-Being and Media Machines (Minnesota, 2011)

Look at the Bunny: Totem, Taboo, Technology (Zero Books, 2013)

In Divisible Cities (Deal Letter Office / Punctum Press, 2013)

Infinite Distraction: Paying Attention to Social Media (Polity, 2016)

Humid, All Too Humid (Punctum, 2016)

Creaturely Love: How Desire Makes Us More, and Less, Than Human (Minnesota, 2017)

Sonic Intimacy: Voice, Species, Technics (Stanford, 2017)

The Humid Condition (Punctum, 2020)

Peak Libido: Sex, Ecology, and the Collapse of Desire (Polity, 2020). 

I am also the co-author of:

Avoiding the Subject: Media, Culture, and the Object (Amsterdam UP, 2004), with Justin Clemens

Metagestures (Punctum, 2019), with Carla Nappi.

Professor of Culture & Media at the New School for Social Research and Eugene Lang College.

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